ALEH Jerusalem School Welcomes Community Children! Be a Part of It!

ALEH Jerusalem School Welcomes Community Children! Be a Part of It!

Sep 14, 2009

The first day of school was especially exciting this year for 9 families of children with special needs.

Their precious children are the first group of community children to be attending ALEH Jerusalem’s Special Education School.
This initiative is a breakthrough for these children, who will be able to benefit from a wide variety of educational opportunities in the rehabilitative and supportive environment they require.
The school, located on ALEH Jerusalem’s premises, has classes from kindergarten through older children’s vocational workshop programs. Its innovative methods and success in helping its children realize their potential have made it renowned in Jerusalem and among professionals in the special education field.
Until now, the school was filled to capacity with the 70 children of ALEH Jerusalem. With the facility’s recent expansion and in response to clamors from parents of special-needs children living at home, a pilot group of 9 community children joined the school this September.
We welcome our new children to the ALEH Jerusalem family and wish them all a year of growth and flourishing opportunities!
Please Help!
The school urgently requires vital additional equipment and furnishings in the classrooms, so that our staff’s time and effort can be spent on the advancement of the children instead of moving equipment from room to room.
Please help us equip the expanded school facilities today! 
Required Equipment:
10 hoist hammocks for older children
To ensure their safe and dignified movement and continued mobility
Cost: $2250
Laptop computer
For a small classroom that cannot accommodate a regular desktop computer
Cost: $1000
Individualized communication equipment and devices
Including Big Macs and switches designed according to each child’s abilities
Cost: $1500
Mattresses and trebles
For the children within their classrooms, to avoid constantly moving the furnishings
around from room to room
Cost: $875
Plates, cups and silverware
Specialized tableware to encourage independent eating
Cost: $250
Total School Project Equipment: $5875

Dedication opportunities available – email us for details

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