ALEH Jerusalem Hosts Quality of Life Seminar

ALEH Jerusalem Hosts Quality of Life Seminar

Monday, April 11th, 2005

Apr 11, 2005 

ALEH Jerusalem recently sponsored a small but highly charged seminar on the topic of quality of life.
Participants included various professionals throughout Jerusalem who work with children with severe physical and developmental disabilities. Doctors, nurses, speech and language pathologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists special education teachers and rehabilitative assistants discussed ethical and practical dilemmas that arise during practice. Lectures were followed by small round-table discussions, and various solutions were raised
Some issues discussed:
§         Is it right to subject the children to ongoing tests, evaluations and medical treatments?
§         When and to what degree should we resort to drastic measures such as operations and specialized feeding procedures?
§         What division of time should be made when providing preventive treatment and rehabilitative treatment?
§         Who should be the social worker’s main focus – the child or the family?
§         Whose quality of life takes priority?
These and other challenging issues were brought out in the open by the ALEH staff, who contributed greatly based on their vast experience in the rehabilitative field.
Quite a few mothers also participated and presented the family’s view of what constitutes quality of life for the child and the family in general. It is hoped that such joint seminars will be held more often, enabling an exchange of information and experience as well as the airing out of difficult conflicts that arise when caring for the severely disabled population.

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