ALEH Jerusalem Children Have Summer Fun In The Sun!

ALEH Jerusalem Children Have Summer Fun In The Sun!

Summers are always great fun at ALEH Jerusalem, with a variety of special activities and outings that the children don’t experience during the year.

In late July, as part of the summer camp, 27 children, accompanied by some 70 volunteers, enjoyed a special overnight trip to Kibbutz Ein Tzurim. There they had the special treat of waking in the morning to blue skies, green trees and bird song…

This special trip is possible thanks to ALEH Jerusalem’s AMAZING volunteers, who have developed unique and devoted friendships with the children for whom they care. They are together all year, and participate in activities together daily, but everyone especially looks forward to the summer trip—two full days of pure fun! Two days of experiences for body and soul! Two days of feeling part of the clan! And all due to the volunteers, who organized the fundraising, the equipment, the schedule, the activities, the technical arrangements, and provided tons of joy, morale and love.

In addition to the overnight trip, the week was full of summer-camp activities at ALEH Jerusalem. It is clear to all involved that the children experience the summer atmosphere, which is different from that during the school year, and enjoy it immensely, such that staff and volunteers feel continuously surrounded by smiles.

Volunteers speak of the great satisfaction they have working with ALEH’s children and of the special friendships they develop with them. ALEH Jerusalem staff attest to these friendships, and the thrill that they have in seeing the lack of social differentiation between ALEH’s children and their volunteer friends.

The camp ended with a joint prayer service at the Kotel (Western Wall). These prayers must certainly have a direct line to heaven.