ALEH Jerusalem Braves the Snow

ALEH Jerusalem Braves the Snow

ALEH Jerusalem would like to thank the wonderful staff members and Sherut Leumi (National Service) volunteers who helped ALEH’s kids brave one of the biggest snow storm in Jerusalem’s history.

When the staff members and volunteers realized they would not be able to leave the facility after the snow storm struck on Thursday night, they committed to working around the clock to make sure that the ALEH kids felt safe and secure.

ALEH provided proper accommodations for the stranded staff and volunteers, who, in turn, made sure that there was food for Shabbat, the heat stayed on, and everyone kept smiling.  Thankfully, the power remained strong throughout Shabbat and there was enough oxygen for the children who needed it.

The ALEH staff and volunteers were electric in their own right.  Employing games and song, they kept morale high throughout Shabbat until the storm let up on Saturday night.

ALEH’s staff and volunteers are the true heroes of Israel’s blizzard of 2013.

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