ALEH Jerusalem 19th Concert – A Heartwarming Evening of Music and Inspiration

ALEH Jerusalem 19th Concert – A Heartwarming Evening of Music and Inspiration

Feb 25, 2009

Shuli Rand

Sunday night, February 22, friends and supporters of ALEH were treated to a special evening at the Jerusalem Theatre that touched the hearts and souls of everyone present.

“Seeing is believing.” A moving video highlighting the children and their activities poignantly demonstrated the quality of life ALEH strives to give them.   We watched the children work in their workshops, witnessing their joy and fulfillment as it burst forth from their buoyant smiles and self-confidence. It clearly brought home the unique role ALEH has played in changing social perceptions of the severely disabled and developing new treatment methods to help them grow.

The stirring words of Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, Rabbi of the Kotel and Holy Sites of Israel, hit home as well. He described the children of ALEH as lofty souls in disabled bodies, who present us with the opportunity to perform the ultimate loving-kindness of their behalf – without even the expectation of a thank-you. His appeal not to abandon the most vulnerable children in Israel, even and especially during these difficult economic times, made a big impact.
The main event of the evening, a stirring musical performance by Shuli Rand and band leader Assaf Amdursky, had the audience clapping, singing, laughing and crying all at once. Shuli’s original songs reached everyone’s “good point” – our values and sensitivities, our hopes and dreams for a better, more caring and peaceful world that envelops us all in a loving embrace.
Master of Ceremonies Avi Maslo gracefully led us through the meaningful event, and the ALEH Jerusalem Ladies Committee welcomed every attendee with their special touch of warmth.
“Words that emanate from the heart penetrate the heart.” An apt description of a heartwarming evening!
With special thanks to Rivka Chervin-Weinberger and her team, the dedicated ALEH Jerusalem Ladies Committee, for all their hard work in ensuring the evening’s success.



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