ALEH Invited to UNESCO's Exclusive International Creativity Workshop

ALEH Invited to UNESCO's Exclusive International Creativity Workshop

Apr 6, 2006

UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, opens its international creativity workshop for the design of innovative toys for individuals with special  needs this week.

Twenty-three participants from all over the world were invited to this prestigious conference, including designers, therapists, toy experts, special-education teachers, caregivers, people with special needs and students. Working together with each other and the children for an intensive two weeks, the specialists will develop completely new toys that encourage play while fulfilling therapeutic goals.

ALEH Negev’s director Israela Nevo received an invitation to the exclusive conference, in recognition of the model village and its innovative programs that she has helped develop on behalf of young adults with severe cognitive and physical disabilities.

At the conference, Israela will share her innovative Group Therapy Advancement Program, where disabled children working in a group setting prove that when they interact together, they learn from each other and advance beyond their original prognoses.

Videos and pictures record the program as it occurred: a custom-designed table without its top platter is covered with silk. Four children are seated together. One child is painting, another observes his friend and begins to paint as well, and a third starts playing with his paintbrush.

Israela’s model will be further developed during the conference’s workshops, symposium and exhibition. Together with the other 20 professionals, she will work to create a new genre of toys aimed at helping people with special needs maximize their abilities and become productive members of society.


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