ALEH Gets New Friends

ALEH Gets New Friends

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

A record number of guests attended a Dinner last night at the Israeli Ambassador’s Residence, at which a new fundraising group for the ALEH Organization was launched.  “Friends of ALEH” consists of British and Israeli supporters dedicated to raising money for special needs people in Israel.
The dinner was hosted by Ambassador Ron Prossor, whose moving welcome boosted the morale of all present with a very positive update on the situation in Gaza.
The evening was addressed by the Chief Rabbi of the Kotel, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, who spoke of the enormous contribution ALEH makes to the wellbeing, nurturing and advancement of special-needs people in Israel.  He said, “When I was invited to become the Chief Rabbi of the Kotel, I was told I could only support one charity.  I chose ALEH because special-needs people cannot say ‘Thank you.’ ”
A film showed a glimpse of the difference made to so many lives by the work and dedication of ALEH and featured Major General (Res.) Doron Almog with his late son Eran, then a resident of ALEH Negev.  In his filmed interview he spoke passionately about being a parent of a special-needs child, and how ALEH enables such people to live more active lives and encourages them to reach their full potential.  “I am proud that I have brothers and sisters abroad, in the UK, who can help us fulfill our dreams,” he concluded.
The specially invited keynote speaker Professor Avraham Steinberg, MD, gave an enlightening talk on medical ethics and the advancement of stem cell research, its life-changing potential and the ethics surrounding its application and administration.  His insights gave a glimmer of hope for families of people with special needs as he declared, “Stem cell use could change medicine as we know it today.”
The evening closed with an announcement that donations in excess of £120,000 had already been received, which was a tremendous beginning for the newly formed “Friends of ALEH.”
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