ALEH Games Night in Canada a Huge Success!

ALEH Games Night in Canada a Huge Success!

Sep 8, 2011


We take a lot for granted in our day to day lives.  In truth, we should be rejoicing every second of every day for the blessings we have received, specifically our miraculous human bodies.  Sometimes, we need to be reminded just how exciting the simplest movements or gestures really are…and that we should do our part to make sure that every child around the world shares in this feeling of joy and self-satisfaction.

On August 22, we hosted a “Games Night” in Toronto to raise money for ALEH and help put everything into perspective for all who participated.  The evening began with beautiful stories about the “ALEH experience” from a former volunteer and a short video about the services and care provided by the dedicated professional staff and volunteers in ALEH’s four residential facilities across Israel.

Attendees then contributed $18 each to participate in a game called “Catch Phrase.” The popular party game is played in two teams with each player attempting to get their team to say the word or word phrase displayed on an electric disc that is passed from person to person before the buzzer sounds. A clue-giver can make any physical gesture and give almost any verbal clue, but may not say a word that rhymes with any of the words, give the first letter of a word, say the number of syllables, or say part of any word in the clue.

But we added an additional twist to our version of the game: players had to use materials that would help them experience the limitations of disability firsthand.

For the first round, each player was required to wear glasses that had patches of tinfoil covering specific spots making it very difficult to read the phrase when they were in the hot seat. During the second round, each player wore oven mitts or large ski gloves that made it hard to pass the device quickly. Finally, for the third round, each player was required to chew three large gumballs making it almost impossible to speak when describing the phrase displayed on the screen.

ALEH believes that every child living with a disability has the right to benefit from the best available care in order to reach his or her fullest potential. After experiencing limited sight, speech and motor skills (at least for a few moments), we were able to appreciate the gifts we had been given and empathized with those living with disabilities.  In fact, many of the participants decided to take it a step further and are committed to helping ALEH’s amazing kids reach their fullest potentials.

What a wonderful and enjoyable way to raise awareness and funds for a meaningful cause!

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