ALEH FOR YOU Hotline, an initiative of ALEH professionals.

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ALEH professionals have taken the initiative, stepping up to the plate to fill a void in community needs, with the new ALEH FOR YOU Hotline, answering questions, solving problems and lending a listening ear to distressed parents.

ALEH FOR YOU is an information center for the community at large, offering free advice and assistance to parents of children of all ages with special needs and complex medical and developmental situations.

The Center’s goals are to offer a shoulder to lean on, provide a supportive social network, assist parents during the primary stages of diagnosing and defining their child’s situation, impart accurate information regarding accessing and utilizing social benefits/rights and guiding parents to the relevant agencies to care for their child.

Finding one’s way through the special needs maze is not a one-time challenge. ALEH FOR YOU is a continual presence, helping parents and families at life’s many crossroads, assisting and advising as children grow older, needs change, and new situations arise.

The Hotline is free. Callers have the right to remain anonymous.

Spread the word & the number: 1-800-201-077