ALEH’s Moriah facility is opening a new special education school in September 2011.  The new building includes 6 classrooms with 6-7 students in each class, divided according to their functional capabilities and ages.  Each classroom will be staffed by a special education teacher and assistant.
The school also includes several therapy rooms:
  • Supportive & alternative communication therapy room
  • Physiotherapy room
  • Multi-purpose therapy room: occupational therapy, music therapy, visual stimulation room
  • Specialized outdoor playground
  • Musical outdoor courtyard
The therapists will work with the children within the classroom setting.  This enables the therapist to guide the teacher in fulfilling therapy goals as well as provide solutions to problems that arise within the group setting.
The therapy rooms will be used both for groups of students as well as for individual therapy sessions for students who require special attention or who suffer from special conditions requiring individual therapy.
The educational program also includes multi-sensory and experiential activity, with the goal of enriching the lives of the children and teaching them basic concepts alongside life skills.  These include a visual stimulatory program, sensory program, rehabilitative technology and computer communication program and more.
Altogether, the school will employ about 25 staff members: teachers, therapists, rehabilitative assistants and caregivers.
The therapy rooms require various specialized equipment to provide the optimal opportunities for rehabilitation and development. 
Various dedication opportunities available – please contact us to join this exciting project and for more details!