To be established on the newly built fourth floor of the ALEH Jerusalem Facility, ALEH’s new school will accommodate some 100 children, including residents of ALEH Jerusalem and the High-Dependency Wing, and special-needs children from the local community. It will include 10-12 classrooms for a range of age groups, as follows:

  • Early Childhood – 0-3 program and kindergarten programs, specially equipped for youngsters whose challenges range from minor developmental delays to severe disabilities.  The intensive early intervention treatment program applies a holistic approach aimed at discovering each child’s ability and developing it to the fullest;
  •  Early-Age Primary School and Teenage Secondary Classrooms ;
  • Introductory Vocational Training Courses for young adults beyond the age of education provided by the government

In addition to classrooms, specialized therapy rooms will provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy, multi-sensory sessions, computer therapy, music and art therapy, and more.  A Game Room Lending Library will enable parents and educators to borrow expensive games to use with their children at home.

Dedication opportunities are available in a range of options.  To be part of this exciting project, contact us for details.