ALEH Jerusalem is much more than a facility.  It is a warm and loving home, founded on the belief that every individual is special and equally deserving of love, respect, and the opportunity to develop to full potential while enjoying true quality of life.


At a Glance:

  • 82 residents
  • Infancy – 27 years old
  • 200+ staff members
  • 250 outpatient treatments monthly
  • 300 volunteers + periodic groups throughout the year

Unique Features: 

  • High-Dependency Hospital Wing
  • Assisted-Living Residential Units
  • Integrated Special Education School
  • Paramedical Community Clinic
  • Lending Library for Specialized Games – under way
  • Strong Community Involvement

– Medical and Supportive Care:   The 70 children and young adults who call ALEH Jerusalem home have severe multiple disabilities and require intensive support to perform daily activities such as eating, bathing, sitting, grooming, and maintaining personal hygiene.  They face a variety of challenges and critical medical issues including epilepsy, breathing difficulties and serious physical handicaps. Some must rely on special seating apparatuses; others can be fed only through gastro tubes. The children are cared for by a staff of 190 devoted professionals and caregivers.

In 2007, ALEH Jerusalem opened its pioneering High-Dependency Hospital Wing, under the supervision of Israel’s Health Ministry.  The Hospital Wing accommodates 28 children who require advanced nursing care, enabling them to remain within warm, familiar surroundings and continue daily routines despite their medical conditions.  In addition to hospital-level medical care, the High-Dependency Hospital offers rehabilitative services, special education, social opportunities and interaction with family, volunteers and the community.

– Individualized Treatment Plans:  The staff is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of professional therapists, doctors, nurses, caregivers, educational and administrative workers and a cadre of volunteers – all working together to provide for the physical, medical and emotional needs of the residents. Each child’s development is tracked, with personalized therapy plans prepared according to the specific needs of the individual. An eye is kept on both short and long-term goals as treatments are given throughout the day within the various therapeutic frameworks.

– Special Education:  In the morning, the children attend a special education school located within the facility. Their afternoons are filled with extra-curricular activities that provide additional learning opportunities in a fun environment.   The opening of a therapeutic pool and rooftop garden will offer additional opportunities for growth and development.

 Family connections are strongly encouraged by ALEH Jerusalem’s staff.  Parents are invited to be full partners in the decision-making process throughout the various stages of therapeutic care.  Family bonding programs involve parents, siblings and grandparents in various events, and a wide range of social activities serve to deepen the connection between ALEH children and their families.  Families participate in parties and holiday events; an annual March across the Jerusalem Chords Bridge; the Jerusalem Marathon and Streetball events; Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations and more!

– Community Integration:  ALEH Jerusalem’s clinic provides paramedical treatments to area children with developmental delays.  ALEH Jerusalem also seeks to actively advocate for the rights of the disability community in Israel and to raise the level of available services.  By helping train professionals and increasing public awareness through lobbying efforts, volunteer programs and community integration, ALEH has played a significant role in changing common attitudes towards people with disabilities.


ALEH Jerusalem’s Special Education school accommodates some 100 children, including residents of ALEH Jerusalem and the High-Dependency Wing, and special needs children from the local community. It includes 10-12 classrooms for a range of age groups, as follows:

  • Early Childhood – 0-3 program and kindergarten programs, specially equipped for youngsters whose challenges range from minor developmental delays to severe disabilities.  The intensive early intervention treatment program applies a holistic approach aimed at discovering each child’s ability and developing it to the fullest;
  •  Early-Age Primary School and Teenage Secondary Classrooms ;
  • Introductory Vocational Training Courses for young adults beyond the age of education provided by the government

In addition to classrooms, specialized therapy rooms will provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy, multi-sensory sessions, computer therapy, music and art therapy, and more.  A Game Room Lending Library will enable parents and educators to borrow expensive games to use with their children at home.

Dedication opportunities are available in a range of options.

ALEH Jerusalem, 9 Harikma St., P.O.B. 61023, Jerusalem 91610
Tel: 02-501-1000
Fax: 02-501-1001
Director: Shlomit Grayevsky
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