ALEH at the Peak of the Himalayas

ALEH at the Peak of the Himalayas

Dec 23, 2008

This November, ALEH achieved new heights by reaching the peak of the Himalayas!

Thanks to the dedication of Philip Goldman, a business advisor from England, the mission of ALEH Negev spanned the globe, traveling thousands of miles across the world, before coming alive 4,000 meters above sea level.
Philip and his wife Rachel first learned about ALEH Negev while on vacation in Cyprus, during a chance meeting with ALEH Negev Chairman Doron Almog (Major General of the IDF, Res.) and his wife Didi. Doron’s description of the innovative village on behalf of Israel’s severely disabled children, the story of his own son Eran, and his commitment to continue Eran’s legacy after his passing touched Philip and Rachel deeply. They returned home determined to raise awareness of ALEH Negev among family and friends.
Philip combined this desire with a dream he was about to realize: conquering the Himalayas. He began a fundraising drive through sponsorship of his trek, with the proceeds dedicated to the ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran Rehabilitative Village.
On October 30, following a 3-month training period, Philip and his friends Derek Morris, Harvey Flex, Robert Bernard and Lawrence Samuel set out on their Himalayan quest.   Twelve days later they reached their goal: the Tengboche Monastery Village Heights, 4000 meters above sea level.
For ALEH, the trek provides a perfect analogy of what our children face daily:  they too must scale towering summits, as they struggle to overcome the odds every day and move forward – one step at a time.
Philip’s efforts raised more than £4000 to benefit ALEH Negev.   He will be coming to Israel for the first time in his life, when he will visit the village and see for himself the children he has helped. At the same time, with his experience in leading groups based on military leadership discipline, he will participate in an Israeli conference on military psychology by invitation of Lieutenant Col. Tzur Keren and Doron Almog.
ALEH extends its thanks to our dear friend Philip Goldman: May he continue to soar to new heights, set new goals and live his dreams to the fullest.


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