ALEH as Matchmaker

ALEH as Matchmaker

ALEH, Jerusalem

It has long been Jewish tradition for an engaged couple to give a gift to their matchmaker.

Recently, ALEH Jerusalem had the privilege of receiving such a gift for fulfilling this special role.

Ariella, our cultural activity coordinator, met Akiva, a student of supportive services who helps bathe ALEH’s boys, at ALEH.  Their joint interest and concern for the children led them to realize they have a lot in common…and the rest is history.  They are getting married this week, and ALEH is honored to carry the title of “shadchan.”

As a gift to their matchmaker, Ariella and Akiva decided to bring joy to the children of ALEH during bath time.  They donated a unique and beautiful sticker and wall liner kit to decorate the showers, transforming them into a warm, cheerful, child-friendly place.

Their thoughtful gift will ensure that the children remember Ariella and Akiva every bath time…and we take this opportunity to wish them a big Mazal Tov with many happy years together!

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