ALEH: 30 Years Of Dedicated Care For Israel's Most Severely Disabled Children

ALEH: 30 Years Of Dedicated Care For Israel's Most Severely Disabled Children

Feb 8, 2012

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In 1982, a group of Israeli parents who were determined to give their severely disabled children the best available care and the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential rented an apartment, hired a special education teacher and solicited a group of dedicated volunteers to assist them in fulfilling their goal.

Their approach and steadfast commitment has since revolutionized rehabilitative care in Israel. From those humble beginnings, ALEH was formed.

Three decades later, ALEH has become Israel’s largest network of residential care facilities for children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities.

ALEH’s four residential facilities, located in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Gedera and the Negev, provide over 650 children and young adults with all the specialized services they need to live a quality life: residential living, medical care, rehabilitative and therapeutic treatment, special education, vocational training opportunities and social and cultural activities.

In addition, ALEH provides thousands of outpatient sessions to children with milder disabilities who are able to live at home.

Thanks to ALEH, severely disabled children of all ages are able to live much like their non-disabled peers: attending school, participating in vocational training programs and enjoying activities such as swimming at the beach or touring the countryside. Integration programs involving family, volunteers, school children and IDF soldiers promote acceptance and inclusion of the disabled within the community at large.

As a result, ALEH’s children develop far beyond the boundaries of their initial prognoses. Over the years, ALEH has succeeded in proving that within every child lies the seeds of hope and potential and a spirit that can communicate, learn and grow.

Over the last 30 years, ALEH has become a global community based on the principles of sensitivity, commitment and kindness, making a difference in the lives of Israel’s most vulnerable children and building a better, more caring world.

Parents and children, caregivers and patients, government ministers and schoolchildren, foundations and caring individuals of all ages worldwide – we are ALL part of the ALEH family.

  • 1982 ALEH is founded30YearLogo
  • 1991 Beit Yahalom Bnei Brak opens
  • 1995 Moriah, ALEH’s Gedera facility, opens with 28 children
  • 1997 ALEH Jerusalem opens with 16 children
  • 1998 Moriah’s Beit Eran Young Adult Wing opens
  • 2001 Early Intervention Wing at ALEH Jerusalem opens
  • 2005 ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran opens with 10 residents
  • 2006 ALEH sends a representative to the UN Committee on the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities
  • 2008 Israeli government chooses ALEH to establish on-site high-dependency hospital wings
  • 2010 Hydrotherapy pool and Safari for animal therapy open at ALEH Negev
  • 2012 ALEH celebrates 30 years of pioneering rehabilitative and educational care for the disabled in Israel


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