Programs and Services

For a child with severe disabilities, activities such as taking a walk, combing hair and eating with a fork can present a real challenge. But with the right individualized treatment program – one that includes intensive therapy, quality special education and advanced medical and nursing care – our children can learn skills and develop their abilities in all functional areas.

ALEH is at the forefront of providing Israeli children with the high quality programs they need to maximize their potential.

At the same time, ALEH ensures that families of children with disabilities receive the support they need to understand their child’s needs and abilities, make difficult decisions, and encourage bonding and closeness within the family unit. ALEH offers support groups, social services, activities and events for families, and financial aid toward food and care when necessary.

ALEH’s residential facilities offer a warm, homelike environment where the children receive the support they require for all daily activity, including eating, bathing, sitting and basic hygiene.  Caregiving and volunteer staff for many activities is at a ratio of one caregiver per child.

Assisted-living quarters afford teenagers and young adults the opportunity to experience greater independence and face fresh challenges.

Early intervention wings provide a holistic therapeutic environment for infants and toddlers with severe disabilities. Identifying a child’s abilities and developing them to the fullest extent from an early age increases every child’s potential for developing beyond the initial prognosis.

Providing professional, round-the-clock medical and emergency care for its residents.  Clinics are equipped with specialized equipment required by the complex medical conditions of the residents.  A doctor, dietician and team of nurses work at each clinic and direct the supportive caregiving staff.  Emphasis is placed on preventive treatments to avoid complications and hospitalizations.

Each ALEH facility is affiliated with a hospital in the region. Senior staff and pediatric specialists in Tel HaShomer Hospital, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Hadassah Ein Kerem, and Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva work with ALEH to ensure the best medical care for its children.

ALEH has established pioneering Hospital Wings for children who are highly dependent and require complex medical care 24 hours a day. This innovative solution will enable children who would otherwise be confined to a hospital bed to continue to attend school, receive therapy and participate in daily activities.

Certified special education teachers and therapists work with small groups of children.  Emphasis is placed on the development of cognitive skills and communication through computer-assisted learning tools.  Specialized software programs and computers, equipped with various switches personally fitted to suit each child’s abilities, enable even children with the most severe disabilities to develop their capabilities and express their inner feelings.  Classes also concentrate on the development of normative social behaviors, and awareness of special calendar events and nature.

As our children grow older, they have the opportunity to work in a challenging vocational program that develops their creative skills while integrating occupational therapy goals.  The program includes workshops in silk, ceramics, paper recycling, gift packaging and more.

Some of the items they create are sold in stores and by ALEH supporters to raise funds for ALEH projects and activities, while other articles are used to decorate the residents’ rooms. Most importantly, each participant receives a big boost to his or her self-esteem when a project is completed.

Afternoon is a special time at all of our facilities. The children enjoy a wide variety of cultural activities, including art, music and puppet shows; therapeutic sports fun; trips to the local park, library, and pizza parlor with our team of volunteers; parties; and much more.

Several times throughout the year, many of our children are treated to exciting trips to some of Israel’s most beautiful spots. ALEH children have played in the snow on Hermon Mountain, gone swimming in Lake Kinneret, taken a boat ride in Eilat, and planted trees to celebrate Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish Arbor Day.

Many of these outings have been made possible by the generosity of our remarkable volunteers, including students, community members, soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces, and staff from the Jewish National Fund.

ALEH shares its knowledge and expertise with the public through its child development clinics and rehabilitation centers.  The clinics offer over 26,000 cutting-edge treatments a year to community children, helping them integrate into regular school and social frameworks.

ALEH also sponsors seminars and workshops on early intervention, developmental delays and home-based therapy techniques. The Information Center at ALEH Negev, which will house a library and conference areas, will perform a similar service upon completion.

Programs In Action

ALEH Negev’s Smart Classroom is equipped with a mobile communication computer, touch screen and projector that enable the teacher to project the communication board directly onto the wall. This enables all the students in the class to see the board simultaneously and interact with it, in addition.
The teacher also shows the students a video or picture of the topic being taught on a large screen, so that all the students, especially those with visual impairments, can see the material clearly.
Via the use of communication whiteboards, students select their choice of symbols and pictures and then project them onto the board. The use of these alternative communication devices encourages the students to participate in the lesson, despite their inability to speak.

The CAFÉ ALEH Program at ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran is a refreshing endeavor in the world of special needs.  Every Tuesday afternoon, ALEH Negev residents open up Café ALEH at 4:00 in the afternoon. They take orders and serve drinks and dishes – which they have prepared themselves – to their friends, volunteers, employees, soldiers from the nearby base, and National Service Girls. They giggle with laughter and share stories with their friends as they relish the experience of choosing from a menu. Helped by their dedicated National Service girls, the program strengthens communication skills, fine motor coordination, feelings of self-worth and productivity.

Every child learns differently. This means that a simple activity like story time can be challenging for some, which is why ALEH developed the Talking Library Program. This innovative program pairs storybooks with lifelike puppets and communication boards so that classic stories like “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” come to life and transform into exciting, multisensory experiences.

ALEH’s intensive Paramedical and Creative Arts Therapies Program is a flagship program, providing each child with an individualized multidisciplinary treatment plan that spans the range of the therapies. Customized to each child’s abilities, the enhanced therapy program impacts motor, cognitive, language, emotional and social development. Through intensive physical therapy, occupational therapy and hydrotherapy, ALEH’s children improve muscle and motor coordination as they learn to stand, feed themselves and move their limbs in a controlled manner. Speech and communication therapies; creative arts therapies such as art, music and movement; animal therapy and multisensory stimulation – all serve to unlock a world of emotion and encourage personal expression of feelings, wants and choices.

Most of the children and adults at ALEH are nonverbal; others have severe language impairment. To secure the ability of each and every individual to communicate, ALEH has pioneered an advanced Alternative Communications Program. Communication and rehabilitation therapists utilize cutting-edge alternative and augmentative communication technologies to find the optimal communication methods for each resident. This promotes comprehension and expression; enhances emotional connections with family, friends, and caregivers; and leads to a marked increase in cognitive level and learning capacity.


Most ALEH residents suffer from respiratory complications and breathing difficulties, often leading to pneumonia and hospitalization. In response, ALEH’s Respiratory Therapy Program offers personalized respiratory treatment for residents. Treatment includes the use of sophisticated equipment and devices that clear the lungs and enhance breathing; respiratory sessions several times a day incorporated within all daily activity; and training and guidance for the rehabilitative aides. Specifically tailored to the needs of the individual, the program minimizes medical complications, prevents recurrent pneumonia, and wards off hospitalization. This frees residents to pursue normative activities in a greatly enhanced quality of life.

ALEH Moriah’s Fitness Room enables its residents to enjoy working out in an  enjoyable and normative manner, while under professional supervision.  Sports activity and physical therapy are combined with social and recreational goals, enhancing motivation and healthy competition.  The fitness equipment has been adapted to meet the individualized needs of the residents.

The Therapeutic Horse Riding Project at ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran employs horse-carriage riding in a unique and innovative therapy. Each resident sits on the carriage in his wheelchair or in a special car attached to the carriage, with a staff member by his side. An additional trainer runs or walks alongside the horse.

Donations in the ALEH Boutique are handcrafted or designed by the children and young adults at ALEH. These individuals participate in a challenging rehabilitative vocational training program that integrates occupational therapy with meaningful and creative work. By purchasing ALEH’s boutique items, you are promoting the belief that every individual has the right to self-fulfillment and the ability to achieve it.

ALEH uses various multisensory therapy tools and environments to stimulate the senses of the residents, helping them experience the sights, sounds and feel of the world around them.
The Snoezelen multisensory room heightens the senses of people with cognitive disabilities while creating an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. The room’s walls and ceiling are padded in white. The floor is covered with white mattresses of varying heights and textures, including a soft mattress, hard mattress and water mattress, and special vibrating pillows. A glowing column of rising bubbles, delicate fiber optics, a crystal-colored mirror ball and a colorful slide screen provide visual and tactile stimulation. Soft music wafts through the room.
Other multisensory programs include therapeutic gardening, a sensory activity wall, darkroom, and mobile multisensory device kit.

Hydrotherapy, with its many physical and emotional benefits, is one of the most enjoyable and beneficial therapeutic avenues available for children with severe disabilities. It improves and strengthens physical abilities, coordination, sensory awareness and the respiratory and pulmonary systems, and enhances quality of life through the positive release of energy and building self-esteem.