A Win-Win Partnership – HAS Advantages to Israel, ALEH, and their Supporters!

A Win-Win Partnership – HAS Advantages to Israel, ALEH, and their Supporters!

Sep 17, 2009

Zev Dobuler, Barry Goldgrab & Yair Solow of HAS Advantage – Lisa Pollack & Rebecca Johnson of US Bank

A recent trip to ALEH Jerusalem by representatives of US Bank and the HAS Advantage Visa® card highlighted the fact that rewards are not always purely financial.

U.S. Bank, the 6th largest commercial bank in the United States, proudly issues the HAS Advantage Visa card, which supports charities in Israel while earning great rewards. “With every purchase you make on the HAS Advantage card, you generate revenue for charities that impact the very fabric of Israeli society,” asserts HAS. “As a card member, you can support up to 5 organizations [in the HAS Network]… HAS and U.S Bank donate a portion of every purchase to the charities closest to your heart, at no additional cost to you or your charity.”
Those worthy charities include hospitals, educational programs, community development, humanitarian causes – and ALEH. And since both US Bank and HAS Advantage pride themselves on their commitment to integrity, they came to Israel to check out a few select member organizations.
The tour of ALEH lasted for more than an hour, and all the visitors were visibly moved. “The level of care shown here is exceptional,” said Yair Solow, of HAS Advantage. “I think this is an extremely worthy cause. We are proud to offer our members the opportunity to assist ALEH in its vital mission. To be able to help support a disabled child in Israel, while shopping in the U.S… is a great thing.”
Membership certainly HAS its privileges!
For more information on how to acquire a HAS Advantage card, call 1-866-6-ISRAEL, or in Israel: 1-800-200-818, or visit www.HASadvantage.com


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