A Sweet Sachet of Appreciation for the New Year

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Magen David Adom volunteers received a sweet surprise when they arrived at ALEH Jerusalem for their weekly round of staff and resident coronavirus testing – small bags of treats, lovingly prepared by ALEH students.

All during the previous week, ALEH students in various classes worked hard to package the little gift bags with mini honey jars and honey cake as a token of appreciation for the dedicated care and concern of MDA volunteers for the welfare and health of ALEH residents during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The gift bags were handed to volunteers during the morning coronavirus testing, with additional bags packaged up for distribution to MDA’s behind-the-scenes administrative staff.

Weekly coronavirus testing of all staff and residents is only one of the measures successfully employed by ALEH Jerusalem to keep the harmful COVID-19 away from ALEH’s vulnerable, immunocompromised students and residents.

Thank you, Magen David Adom, for everything you do for ALEH Jerusalem throughout the year, and for your extra efforts during this trying time.

May you have a sweet and healthy New Year.