A Splash of Summer Fun

A Splash of Summer Fun

Aug 20, 2007

All of us need to get away once in a while and break up our monotonous routine. Disabled people at ALEH are no different, but taking a wheelchair-bound severely disabled child to Tiberias’ magnificent Kinneret for three days is no simple matter. It is, in fact, a major logistical challenge. But ALEH’s staff does it anyway – purely out of love.

Moriah at the Kinneret

36 residents of Moriah, accompanied by staff members and an almost endless supply of equipment, traveled north this summer for a 3-day vacation filled with excitement and fun. 

First stop was in Raanana Park, a unique park with specialized equipment for children with special needs. A local class of 5th graders on a similar outing approached the children of Moriah shyly at first, asking permission to play with them. As they warmed up to each other, the language of the heart overcame all boundaries and very soon the children were playing together as if they were old friends.

From the park the children went straight to cool off in the water, enjoying a beautiful boat ride with the wind rippling their hair and ocean waves lapping at their feet. Toward evening they headed to the Kinar hotel at the shores of the Kinneret, where they were treated to a festive meal.

The next day was filled with pool fun, park excitement and scenic views of the entire area at the top of the Yarmok bridge. Toward nightfall the children enjoyed a bonfire with lively singing and dancing. A light-and-shadow movement show kept them fascinated as they watched a white sheet come to life as it danced and swayed in the twilight.

The next day, after a delicious picnic in Gilboa it was time to go home, with full hearts and memories to last until the next vacation….

ALEH Jerusalem at the Rose Garden

Spirited music, globs of shaving cream and the sounds of laughter and joy filled Jerusalem’s beautiful Rose Garden opposite the Knesset during ALEH Jerusalem’s annual summer celebration.

After a walk around the park and lake the children were ready for the carnival that had been prepared just for them. From booth to booth they ran, shaving cream from balloons, splashing in the water games, sliding down the water slides and enjoying a variety of creative activity. The icing on the cake was the magnificent parachutist show, followed by a scrumptious barbeque.

The children were surrounded by their loving parents, siblings and extended family in addition to their beloved ALEH family and devoted volunteers. A special thank you to the National Service girls who worked so hard to make this event the success it was.

Enveloped by love and satiated in body and spirit, the children returned home to ALEH with the smiles still on their faces.

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