ALEH Negev Scholarships Award Ceremony

ALEH Negev Scholarships Award Ceremony

Aleh Negev – Aug 22, 2007

On Thursday, August 21, 2007, a special Scholarships Award Ceremony took place at ALEH Negev.
Held in conjunction with Keren Katzir, the Southern Authority and ALEH Negev, ALEH Negev’s Scholarships Program awarded substantial stipends to 8 students earning a degree in paramedical fields. All the students are in their final year of studies and have committed to work in the ALEH Negev rehabilitative village for at least two years upon receipt of their degree. 
The ceremony took place in the newly built High-Dependency Wing in the village. Mrs. Israela Nevo, Director of ALEH Negev, welcomed all the guests and extended warm wishes to the awardees, whom she had already met personally. Mr. Yehuda Marmorstein, CEO of ALEH, added his good wishes for their successful acclimation in the village. After presenting each student with an official contract, Mr. Shaya Imagor of Keren Katzir spoke warmly about this opportunity to join a pioneering venture that is creating a better future for hundreds of disabled people and their families, the entire Negev region and Israeli society as a whole.
Special thanks are extended to sponsors of the scholarships and training program, including Keren Katzir, the Crown Foundation and Glencore Foundation as well as private donors. 
As the students begin the new academic year, we wish them success and look forward to working together in offering cutting-edge paramedical services to residents of the village and special-needs people from the entire southern region.


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