A Special Hike With Special Friends

A Special Hike With Special Friends

Jul 6, 2008

As part of the “Touring on Israel’s 60th” program, the AKIM organization arranged a special hike in Ramat Hanadiv’s magnificent park in Zichron Yaakov. Participants were residents of various facilities and hostels for special-needs people throughout Israel, and of course ALEH Moriah’s residents were thrilled to take part.
We set out on the hike full of motivation and excitement, armed with backpacks filled with water bottles, sun hats and cameras. The weather was magnificent, and our cool ALEH T-shirts were admired by all the others. As we walked along, we sang and laughed and supported each other whenever the going got rough. And when we fell we brushed off our knees and stood up once again, continuing along in high spirits.
Along the way we enjoyed several resting breaks with drinks and activities. We banged on small drums, helped weave a huge carpet and relaxed at a beautiful waterfall. And along the way we met many other friends, who gave us encouragement to continue marching forward!
After about an hour of hiking we reached our goal – a large gathering area where we were treated to a special video and awarded certificates for joining Israel’s “Touring on Israel’s 60th.
We returned to Moriah in the late afternoon, exhausted but immensely proud of ourselves. Our tiredness disappeared as were greeted by our roommates and caregivers with backslaps and shouts of “You did it!”
With special thanks to AKIM for this wonderful initiative!

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