A special Grandmother for a Special Child

A special Grandmother for a Special Child

Savta Hadassa


I cannot tell you how special it made me feel to receive an invitation to a Mifgash Savtaot  (grandmothers’ gathering) at ALEH!  I wanted to share some of my thoughts and feelings and to thank you for the wonderfully inspiring experience of that day.

As soon as I entered the maon [day care facility] I could see that it was set up with so many special, homelike touches. The staff was so warm and welcoming, and it was evident how devoted they are to the children.  I immediately felt that this was indeed a wonderful place for my granddaughter  — and for the entire family.

I was so glad of this opportunity to see for myself the place where my granddaughter spends so many hours every day.  And I also saw that this was a place built on love, with the goal of helping our dear grandchildren develop.  Despite their developmental challenges they are truly our treasures and a blessing for our children.

By going into the classrooms, I got to know the director and the staff and to see how things are run.  It was clear that everyone – from the paramedical staff to the caregivers – works with the children from a place of deep devotion, understanding and professionalism.

The ‘savta’ group discussions enabled each of us to share our personal experiences as grandmothers of special-needs children.  I found it tremendously helpful and encouraging to hear other grandmothers’ view and perspectives.  The open discussion included both the difficulties and the privilege of being in this place.  The spirit of openness released our emotions and allowed us to laugh and cry together.  Every savta went out with a picture of herself with her grandchild in the class, but also with a wealth of newfound strength and inspiration.

I learned many important things during this day, but I will highlight a few of the key lessons I want to take with me along the way and apply to my personal life:

Proportionremember to put things in their right place in terms of priorities and real importance

Acceptance: learn toaccept the things as they are, not in terms of how you want them to be

Happinesstry to have a sense of serenity and joy even when we have to fulfill our duties

Appreciation: recognize & be thankful for all the blessings in the world

Gratituderecognize the assistance given by those who help bear the burden

Love:    learn to love and accept those who are different

Personal Growthkeep looking inwards, growing upwards and make room for soft landings.

Prayersconstantly turn to the heavens to ask for the future

I wish to express my gratitude to the wonderful staff for their devoted and professional care for grandchildren.  May you continue to be good shlichim and advocates on their behalf, to give them everything they need – and more!

Also, thank you for everything you do for the devoted parents of your charges – our children.  And finally, thank you for remembering to include us  — the grandmothers!

From Savta Hadassa 

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