A Special Bat Mitzvah for a Special Girl!

A Special Bat Mitzvah for a Special Girl!

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Wide smiles adorned the faces of everyone who attended the beautiful Bat Miztvah celebration of Hila, a larger-than-life ALEH resident who has defied the odds against her.

At her birth, Hila’s parents were told that Hila would not see, hear or walk.  Yet, at her Bat Mitzvah, they had the opportunity to celebrate Hila’s accomplishments in far surpassing that initial developmental prognosis.  With tears of joy streaming down their cheeks, they watched as their daughter walked and danced on her own, happily greeted her guests and swayed to the sounds of the festive music.  It was Hila’s night, and she knew it.

The event, which included a Challah baking ceremony, a dance party and a celebratory meal, was attended by friends and family members from around the country as well as ALEH staff members, teachers and residents. It was an inspirational evening that no one in the ALEH family will soon forget.

MAZAL TOV, HILA!  We love you!