A Sensory Experience at ALEH Bnei Brak’s Summer Camp

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Every day was a day for rejoicing at ALEH Bnei Brak’s summer camp as children’s senses were awakened with distinct, exciting activities.

Camp began with homemade tie-dyed T-shirts. Each resident received a shirt, then folded, dipped and hung them to dry, creating individual, unique shirts for all.

Learning about homing pigeons became a hands-on experience as every child held their own pigeon, tied a small note to the pigeon’s leg and sent the messenger flying off to a distant destination.

In another exciting activity, residents experienced Bedouin life. Morning began with a cup of tea, cakes and traditional Eastern music and followed with homemade pita bread. The enticing smell of baking bread filled the air and later children took their bread home to share with their families.

Bubble day was another sensory experience. Using adapted equipment, children filling the room with soapy bubbles to the ongoing tunes of cheery music.

A “trip” to ALEH’s own fish pond was yet another unique activity. Children were able to go fishing, bringing home their catches in plastic containers they themselves decorated with stickers.

Many other camp activities kept children busy and happy, enjoying the summer months and the respite from usual activity.

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