A New Home for ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran Residents

A New Home for ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran Residents

Mar 9, 2014

In the presence of friends and supporters, ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran recently inaugurated a new residential home named after David and Yehudit Kochavi z”l by their children, Mati and Dana Kochavi and the Logic Industries Company.

Beyond their generous financial support, it was moving to witness the Kochavi family’s belief in the values of humanity and sensitivity, and their understanding that in order to give special needs people the opportunity to live as normal a life as possible, we must invest a great deal in their daily life and contribute to their ongoing care and activities.

The opening ceremony included honored guests Daniel Shapiro, US Ambassador to Israel; Matthew Gould, British Ambassador to Israel; Aviv Kochavi, Head of the Military Intelligence Directorate; Yael Andorn, Director General of the Finance Ministry and many others.  The ceremony’s focus was to continue to bring about change in the attitudes and perceptions of the general community by raising public awareness.

Mati Kochavi, who has been part of ALEH for many years, spoke of the importance of supporting this special organization.  Ambassador Dan Shapiro said that offering quality care to those who are different and realizing our commitment to help them develop strengthens not only the individual but also all of society.  Matthew Gould remarked that one can say that ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran is making the desert, and the vulnerable, bloom and develop.  Major General Aviv Kochavi spoke about the IDF’s rich history of merging security with the advancement of national projects, and how the volunteerism of the Modiin soldiers at ALEH Negev is an eternal proof of this spirit.

A sincere thank you to the Promarket company for voluntarily filming the event, to all our partners who came to honor the children of ALEH whose voices are unheard, and especially to Mati and Dana Kochavi  and the Logic company, for being an integral part of the ALEH family and partners in the challenge we have accepted upon ourselves – to create a society of excellence in Israel via ongoing dedication  to the creation of a future of hope for the most vulnerable members of our society – the children of ALEH.

Head of IDF Military Intelligence Directorate Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi honored ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran with a moving speech at the recent opening of a new residential home for severely disabled children and young adults.

Following is a translation of his remarks:
Mr. Dan Shapiro, US Ambassador to Israel; Mr. Matthew Gould, British Ambassador to Israel; Mrs. Yael Andorn, Director General of the Finance Ministry;
Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, Rabbi of the Kotel; Major General (Res) Doron Almog, my commander and dear friend;
Mrs. Masada Skely, Director of ALEH Negev village; The Kochavi Family;
Commanders and soldiers of the Yarkon Military Intelligence army base;
and all the honored guests,

Thank you for the opportunity to take part in the opening of a new residential home at ALEH Negev.

I stand here wearing three hats: as a member of the general staff, as head of IDF Military Intelligence Directorate, and as an Israeli citizen.

As a member of the general staff, I simply represent a long-standing tradition.

Ever since the Jewish defense forces were established in the Land of Israel – the Bar Giora, Hashomer, and Hagana forces – the issues of security and advancement of national projects have been entwined.  Generation after generation built the State of Israel and settled its areas: they made agriculture bloom, established industrial centers, developed science and culture, designed cities and villages, and strengthened the most important of all foundations – education.

Settling the Negev and making the desert bloom was a longed-for dream from the day the Jewish people set foot in the Land of Israel.  In the Prophets we find that Isiah saw in his vision: “Water burst forth from the desert, and rivers from the dry land, and the heat became a lake, and thirst became a spring of water, and there was a path and a road” (Isiah 35).

The ALEH Negev project continues in this path, sustaining and watering the desert land, and its power is stronger than that of a spring of water.  It sustains not only the Negev, but first and foremost the spirit – the spirit of the children and the youth, the older residents and their families, and all those who are watching you.

My second hat, the Head of IDF Military Intelligence, is one I wear here with pride.  I am proud of the soldiers and commanders of the Yarkon army base unit 8200, who are part of this educational and humanitarian activity, and who volunteer their ongoing and dedicated support.  Beyond the actual support, this is significant for enabling a merging between the children, youth and staff and the soldiers.  This type of connection is the most powerful way to give over the values of commitment and partnership, concepts that have long been the second name of the IDF, which considers the defense of Israel a broader concept than simply providing protection.  The Military Intelligence joins the efforts of many others, who have been nurturing the Negev during the past decades.  Lately we have accelerated the planning stages for the moving the intelligence units to the Negev, and we have already laid the cornerstone for the soldiers’ campus courses.  In a few more years, this vision will also become reality.  It is not the new buildings nor the smart technology that the military intelligence will bring with it that will influence the Negev, but rather the quality of the people – a rare quality from which you also benefit.

Of all three hats, it is my third hat that is most important: as an Israeli citizen, it is impossible to miss the central value that reverberates from this place – the deep belief in every individual.  Aleh Negev expresses sincere respect for the right of every human being, and for equality in its broadest meaning.  Motor or cognitive limitations are not a barrier to personal development.  They are a challenge and a difficulty, sometimes too difficult to bear, but not a barrier.  In this aspect, Aleh Negev expresses the battle for the rights of every human being, and its efforts to bring daily meaning to this concept.  There is no person who cannot be helped to reach a higher level of potential, and correspondingly, every person can lift himself higher and higher.  Unsurprisingly, this is the basic approach of the Military Intelligence as well, we view every person as an asset and believe in his power to constantly develop and improve – if he is only given the opportunities and conditions.

The starting point of the children and adults here is not simple, but the conditions to enable them to develop seem to be the best imaginable.  At Military Intelligence, we are successful every day because of people.  They stand behind the vast amounts of vital, quality knowledge that we receive daily to benefit the security of the Jewish people.  The victories of the staff of Aleh Negev are even greater and no less important.

This victory would not be possible without you, Doron.  You fought, you achieved, and you won your whole life, and you continue to initiate and succeed in the most important battle of all year after year.  You and the entire Aleh Negev army: the staff, directors, donors, families, and most importantly – the children and youth.  As a graduate of more than one battle, I know that more important than the conditions and weapons are the spirit and belief.  These do not require resources, but rather a reason and reinforcement.  You have a reason, – and I – if you allow me – offer you my support!

With heartfelt wishes to all for your continued success,

Aviv Kochavi, Major General

Head of IDF Military Intelligence Directorate

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