A Grandmother's Gift

A Grandmother's Gift

Oct 22, 2012


3 years ago, Naomi Klass Mauer visited ALEH’s home in Jerusalem, where her precious grandson resides, together with many other special children.  Naomi, an influential and prolific writer, shared her impressions of ALEH in a beautiful article which appeared The Jewish Press, America’s largest independent Jewish Weekly

But when Naomi recently helped raise awareness and funds for ALEH once again, it was as a loving savta (grandmother). Celebrating a milestone birthday – her 70th– Naomi used the occasion to give back to the organization that has cared for her grandson with such tremendous love and devotion.

When her children threw her a surprise birthday party, Naomi thought it gift enough just to be surrounded by family and friends. But one added element – the ‘icing on the cake’ – gave her special day lasting meaning.  At the suggestion of her daughter, Naomi recommended that in lieu of tangible gifts, a charitable contribution be made to ALEH.   Friends responded generously in her honor, an indication both of their appreciation for Naomi and for the dedication and excellent care ALEH gives to all of its young charges.

Naomi, moved by the outpouring of support, came to a realization:  such a gesture could be suggested as a gift for any occasion, without waiting for the next milestone birthday!  She urged others to follow her lead, offering friends the option of giving to ALEH anytime.

ALEH wishes Naomi many happy returns of the day, and our heartfelt thanks. May she be blessed with many more years of wisdom, health, and the continued ability to help others.


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