A Gift For Jerusalem’s Jubilee

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By Christians for Israel International.. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the reunification of JerusalemChristians for Israel asked if you would donate towards a gift to the city, one with future value. With your generous support, Aleh in Jerusalem was able to add a new High Dependency wing to their building. It is now home to people with multiple disabilities, including facilities for education and therapy.

Christians for Israel International’s chairman Leon Meijer attended the official opening of the new wing on 22 May 2017; it was a joyous moment for everyone. The new residents will soon be able to move in, once the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs gives the final certificate of approval.

One of the new residents of Aleh will be Shlomi, a sixteen-year-old boy who still lives at home with his large, very poor family. He was born very healthy, but when he was a year old, he fell off the nursery dresser. Unfortunately, the family waited and didn’t seek medical help right away. The brain damage that Shlomisuffered was so severe that he is now physically disabled, unable to eat, he has bad eyesight and suffers from seizures. A lot of the care that he needs is unavailable at home.

Therefore the new wing of Aleh will help Shlomi and his family as he now has a place to live, one fully equipped with the medical facilities he needs, as well as entertainment requirements, and still be able to stay close to his family.

And that is thanks to your support!


Opening new wing Aleh

Dick Schutte, Chairman of Christians for Israel Netherlands, cuts the ribbon to officially open the new wing.

Source: https://www.c4israel.org/news/a-gift-for-jerusalems-jubilee/