A Disability Employment Revolution: ‘The Negev Workshop – ALEH Ofakim’

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Last week, representatives from ALEH, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and the Ofakim Municipality came together to mark the opening of ‘The Negev Workshop – ALEH Ofakim,’ a joint initiative that will provide individuals with varied levels of disabilities with a host of creative opportunities and a framework for personal advancement, gainful employment, and social integration through vocational therapy.

The Negev Workshop will employ 76 individuals from diverse backgrounds who will be assigned tasks that match their varied levels of ability, including the creation of original art and marketable crafts, agriculture projects, and the operation of a community café. Therapists and coaches will provide the employees with hands on instruction and support in an effort to empower them and help them reach their fullest potentials.

The Negev Workshop is founded on the belief that everyone deserves gainful and meaningful employment, and we are confident that it will create a revolution in the employment of people with disabilities across Israel. The employment and integration of individuals with disabilities will not only benefit our economy, it will advance our society and enhance our humanity.

Stay tuned for more updates about this exciting new initiative!