A Day Out in the Orange Orchards

A Day Out in the Orange Orchards

The sunshine was bright and warm on a mid-winter day as we set out by tractor and wagon to the orange groves in Moshav Bnei Darom near Gedera. Several ALEH residents spent a fun filled and educational day at Kef Darom learning all about oranges and how they are grown, harvested and eventually find their way to the bottles of orange juice we purchase at the supermarket.

The ALEH boys picked the oranges from the trees, squeezed and pulped them and drank the delicious juice to their hearts’ content.  A lively video was viewed which introduced them to this very nutritional fruit and how it is grown from seeds planted directly in the ground.

The air was crystal clear as we moving about the rows of orange and clementina trees.  We all enjoyed the chance to sit beneath the lovely shaded palm trees, inhaling the sweet smell of citrus – a delight to both body and soul.

At Kef Darom there is also a Gymboree, Omega and ball pools.  Visitors are given a tour of the original huts used by the first wave of immigrants to the country and are able to purchase delicacies and olive oil produced from the Bnei Darom’s olive trees.

The trip was a success for the ALEH residents. We highly recommend that you make arrangement for your own orange tour!

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