A Birthday Against All Odds!

A Birthday Against All Odds!

Apr 1, 2014

Mahmoud came to the ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran Rehabilitation Village at the age of three months. On his very first day in the village, he underwent several episodes of cardiac arrest. His condition made him very fragile and vulnerable, and everyone involved in his care felt that his days were numbered.

Yet we decided to love him anyway, and give him the best quality life we could.

This love kept him and sustained him, despite numerous other life-threatening emergencies that kept coming up over the next months.

And this weekend we celebrated and paid tribute to our very special birthday boy!

It is customary at the village to make a festive birthday party for every special birthday child. Mahmoud’s party was especially bright and colorful, as staff, national service girls and high school volunteers at the village celebrated this milestone and wished him many more years to come.

The staff and volunteers danced and played together with Mahmoud and the other toddlers in the village’s High-Dependency Wing. They played various instruments and sang birthday songs. Two seventh-grade students moved us all as they surprised Mahmoud with a fancy Winnie-the-Poo birthday cake.

Our heartfelt thanks to the entire staff, volunteers, high school students and the national service girls. In their merit, Mahmoud was able to have a normal childhood experience – a fabulous birthday celebration!


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