Rosh Hashana is a time of new beginnings. Students at ALEH Moriah’s school participated in a number of special activities to mark the occasion.

In science class, the children learned that it was customary to wish people growth and blossoming in the new year. Two lessons focused on the tradition of sending blessings and good wishes to others before the holiday.

Each child made a unique, personal greeting card for which they chose the blessing, and they decorated it according to their taste. Afterwards, they put the cards in envelopes and put on a stamp. Then a number of students who participate in a walking group, went out to the nearest post office to send the cards to the children’s families.

This year’s theme in science class is plants and animals in Israel. In honor of the holiday, the children learned about the relationship between bees and flowers, the process of producing honey, and how the honey is transferred from the flower to the honeycomb. In their homeroom classes, the children learned about the symbols of the holiday, and enjoyed making some of them from various materials. They also blew the shofar and tasted the sweet honey.

The students experimented, felt, tasted, and experienced a sense of satisfaction with the surprises they had prepared for their families.

In the name of all of ALEH’s children, we wish everyone a SHANA TOVA U’METUKA, full of blessings and sweet like honey.